Alexander Suleiman, Cello – Yojo, Piano


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„Atavistic Music“ – Extreme Jazz… or Classical?
With Franz Hummel, Alexander Suleiman (Cello) and Yojo (Piano) have constructed a new style of improvisation that sounds like an extreme, free form of jazz but is, at the same time, related to various developments in avant-garde music.
Each piece bears a characteristic title that, by the radius of its associations, makes it quite unique.
The soloists have had sensational success with their audiences. They have christened their new „natural“ style „Atavistic Music“, the single pieces simply „Atavistics“.
This is an extraordinary, new CD Album in the TYXart series “Crazy Edition”.


»Music and Sound: ****’* 4,5 Stars = very good/excellent«
Magazine FONO FORUM – Klassik Jazz HiFi – (August 2014)

»Interpretation: **** 4 Stars«
ensemble magazine (June-July 2014)

»CD Review & Tip!«
concerti – The Conzert and Opera magazine – (September 2014)

»CD Review & Tip!« (online September 2014)

»CD Tip!«
Stuttgarter Zeitung (14 July 2014)

»CD Tip!«
Mittelbayerische Zeitung (07 March 2014)

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SR2 KulturRadio (27 Feb 2014)


CD programme / Tracklist:

Atavistic Music – Extreme Jazz – World Premiere Improvisations

01 Feuerwerk / Fireworks 02:54
02 Sternenhimmel / The Starry Sky 04:44
03 Schimpansenstreit / Chimpanzee Fight 03:48
04 Nachtgeister / Ghosts of the Night 05:56
05 Piano solo 05:20
06 Cello solo 05:22
07 Nirwana / Nirvana 06:51
08 Unruhige Nacht / A Troubled Night 04:54
09 Geheimnisse / Secrets 03:56
10 Tausend und eine Nacht / A Thousand & One Nights 03:10
11 Glasperlenspiel / Glass Bead Game 03:40
12 An die ferne Geliebte / To the Distant Beloved 03:18
13 Ludus tonalis 07:49

Artists: Alexander Suleiman, Yojo Christen
Label: TYX ART
Release Date: January 01, 2019
Genre: Classic
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